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Admission & Withdrawal



  1. Fee can be deposited Quarterly i.e:

April, May, June by 7 th April

July, August, September by 7th July

Oct., Nov., Dec. by 7th Oct.

Jan., Feb., March by 7 th Jan.

  1. Deposit 04 post dated cheque in advance in April to avoid inconvenience.
  2. Provision for payment on monthly basis will be at the discretion of PSK.
  3. Dishonoured cheques have to bear with Cheque Amount +Bank Charges+ Penalty and through D.D/ Cheque. Please avoid this discredit.
  4. A fine of Rs.20 per day will be charged from the 8 th ; in case of holiday the next working day of the month till the day of the payment.
  5. Re-admission charge of Rs. 2500 will be charged in case of absence without information for more than 6 days.


For all deliberate damages fixtures/furniture, Computers and Laboratory Equipments the defaulter will have to pay the actual cost of equipment plus 10% cost as penalty